My Projects


liquidprompt is a customisable prompt for bash and zsh on which I worked lot in the past.

It posses a whole lot of nice functionnalities like reduction of the displayed path, the displaying of the current branch of the repository we’re working on. From what I recall, I worked on the integration of a new mecanism to reduct the displayed path using builtins of bash (\w and PROMPT_DIRTRIM), a performances enhancement by not recalculating values between to execution of the prompt when the user hasn’t changed of directory and finally the display in the git prompt of the difference of commits between the local repository and the origin one.

I’ve learned a lot working on that project and I’ve improved a lot my bash level. It also was my first real contribution to a free software.


JARR is a project on which I worked a lot recently.

I’ve heard about it on LinuxFr and it was named pyaggr3g470r at the time. It’s a RSS feed agregator which have for main qualities to be coded in python and to need very little requirements (I like keep my server tidy). I’ve done a whole clean a rewrite on major parties of the code (like code architecture, I writed the entire ReactJS UI from scracth and other stuff like that). I have my own installation running here.


MindYourNeighbors is a personnal project that I find really nice and that I’m convinced nobody will ever use. Briefly : it scans the direct neighborhood of the machine it run on and will run command depending on what it finds and what it’s configured to do. I still have to some ideas to improve it like making it a daemon or adding the capability to execute command depeding on the time.